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Specialized Plaques - Bas-Relief

Custom Bronze Bas Relief in Los Banos, CA

Bas relief is a visual form of storytelling that often speaks of the accomplishments of a notable individual. One doesn’t need to look further than many civic monuments or halls of fame to see the truth in this statement. At South Bay Bronze, we welcome commissions for custom bronze bas relief in Los Banos, CA.

Bas relief is a term that describes slightly projecting artwork in which the background is blended seamlessly into the foreground. These sculptures are generally mounted to a flat surface such as a wall. The specialized plaques bas relief we create are rendered in this style and showcased in many locations where they hold pride of place.

Bronze is an ideal material for plaques and sculptures as it ages very well, which makes it a good choice for outdoor installations as well as indoor displays. This alloy resists corrosion and metal fatigue. Not only is it highly durable and robust, but it’s also a medium that lends itself well to the detailed craftsmanship that our clients have come to expect from our metalworkers.

When looking for a fitting tribute for a noteworthy person or you wish to have a truly unique piece of art, entrust our plaque designers skills to create the perfect example.